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Last Update 7 days ago

Our new purpose-built venue at Blackstock Market is fully accessible. All events at the new venue are now listed for the entirety of 2024.

For unreserved shows at our own venue, Hot Water Comedy Club Liverpool, if you wish to book a wheelchair space, please proceed to book tickets as normal and then contact us here to inform us of the show you've booked and the number of people in your party. We will relay this information to the show managers to ensure a smooth experience at the event.

For allocated or package events (e.g., an audience with, bronze, silver, or gold), please contact us first to indicate your desired package. Wheelchair spaces are located in the bronze section, but regardless of the package chosen, your seats will be in the same location. You can still purchase other packages if you desire the extras included.

Wheelchair users can also purchase tickets at the door, but we highly recommend booking in advance and notifying us beforehand, as each theatre space has a limited number of wheelchair spaces, which can sell out in advance.

For most external events, wheelchair spaces need to be booked directly through the venue. Please contact them first if you require a wheelchair space.

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