Is there food available before the show?

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Inside Blackstock market we have a food hall and bar area which is in a seperate area to the performance theatres.

If you've made a booking to visit Hot Water Comedy Club for a performance and plan to dine beforehand, we recommend arriving at least 1 hour before the doors open time stated on your ticket.

Typically, doors open 1-1.5 hours before the scheduled event. Therefore, for most shows, we suggest arriving 2-2.5 hours prior to your performance time. However, please double-check your tickets or the event information on our website for specific details.

Please note that we aim to seat guests 30 minutes before the performance start time to ensure a smooth show.

Alternatively, you can opt to enjoy a meal after your performance or even order takeout from our food hall

Meals are consumed in the main food hall seated area and can not be consumed inside the theatre.

Drinks can be taken inside the performance room for all shows as well as bar snacks which are also available at the bar.

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