What time should I arrive to guarantee entry?

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We advise getting there as close to doors opening as possible.

For all shows at our Hot Water Comedy Club at Blackstock Market all customers need to arrive at the theatre by the show start time which can be found on your ticket.

If you arrive late and the show has already started we will try to sit you, however you may have to wait until the break if it is disruptive to the act and the audience. 

If you arrive late and there is walk ups wanting get in your tickets may be sold on to fill empty seats. For any free event tickets (including guaranteed tickets) you must arrive no later than the start of the show or seats will become available for waiting customers. 

If this happens and there are no seats available you can be reimbursed with a credit. You must notify the show manager on the night that you want to claim your credit note and contact us via help centre where we will issue your credit.

This does not apply for external events and tour shows. 

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