Do you allow carers to attend for free?

Paul B

Last Update 4 months ago

YES! We offer a free carer ticket for most shows.

If the show displays the show displays the option to book a carer ticket then it is available.

Free carer tickets are only available to accessible customers that require them (please be aware the free carer policy may not be applicable on/for every event/venue). 

Offering these free tickets presents a risk of fraud if not handled carefully. That's why we put measures in place to ensure that this scheme is not abused and will require evidence to support fans requests.

Customers who have requested Accessible Tickets have 3 weeks to submit proof of their eligibility. Your order may be cancelled if no supporting document is provided.

Below is a list of documents we might take into consideration when considering to allocate a complimentary ticket.

PIP (Personal Independence Payment)


Letter from a medical professional (A Doctors note or a letter from an occupation therapist)

Carers Allowance

A Nimbus Access Card with the +1 symbol

Social Services letter - Confirmation in writing from Social Services that the individual is included on their Deaf Register, or a letter or report from an aural specialist confirming that hearing loss has been recorded at 70 - 95 dBHL or worse.

War Pensions Mobility allowance

Blind or partially sighted registration certificate (BD8 or CVI certificate)

A personal letter from the GP, community nurse or social worker

Benefit award letters

Evidence can be submitted using the support ticket button.

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